Page Structure Cache is the browser extension that dramatically improves uncached webpage load times!

Page Structure Cache keeps websites fast by remembering what parts of your favorite web-pages should be always loaded into your browsers' cache.

Cached web-pages are often as much as 20%-50% faster than uncached, but performance varies site-to-site.

How It Works

Bookmark your favorite webpages and after a few visits, Page Structure Cache will automatically accelerate uncache page load times!

Green Icon - Page is accelerated!

Yellow Icon - Page is not bookmarked but accelerted using fall-back list.

Red Icon - Bookmark this page to accelerate.


Completely free!

No Advertising * No Tracking * No Nonsense.


The continued development of Page Structure Cache is made possible thanks to the generosity of donors.

If you find this extension helpful, please consider supporting.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me.

This app has been specifically developed to avoid comprimising it.

At no point, does Page Structure Cache report your activity to me or to any 3rd party.

Additionlly, no data is stored on your computer by Page Structure Cache which could be used to identify your online behaviour more than possible without it.

Thank you

I would like to dedicate this section to everyone whom donated in support of this project.

This project can not continue to operate without your support. Thank you for your generosity.

Release History and Planned Updates

V1.0.0 - Official Launch!

V1.0.1 - Improved multi-tab support and fixed issue with not updating on browser restart.


Next - Firefox edition.

Next - Special Thank-you Page for donors.

Next - More frequent fall-back list updates.